Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)

The Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) system is one of the quietest forms of piling and virtually vibration free which makes CFA piles ideal for a wide range of projects, from bearing piles to retaining walls. They are perfect for inner city sites where noise and vibration might cause difficulties with neighbouring properties and on more open greenfield sites.

CFA piles are suitable for a wide variety of ground conditions without the need for casing and offer good vertical and lateral capacities.

As one of the UK’s leading piling contractors we operate a diverse fleet of CFA rigs that are ideal for projects of any size throughout the UK. We offer diameters from 300mm up to 1500mm and pile depths to 30m.

We are committed to the continual updating of techniques and equipment, and with our new advanced state of the art CFA rigs we are now able to offer the ability to form extensive rock sockets, core through obstructions and un-reinforced concrete slabs. Thus, alleviating the need for additional coring equipment and potentially lengthy and costly groundwork solutions. Providing the benefits of CFA piling with the capability of a rotary rig.

Our on-board piling instrumentation system ensures a high standard of pile construction by monitoring all aspects of the installation process, and this has the additional environmental benefit of minimising the volume of concrete wastage.