Displacement Auger Piling

Displacement Auger Piling (DAP) is a virtually vibration free system that produces significantly less spoil compared to other piling methods thus reducing disposal costs. As a piling contractor our staff have around 25 years’ experience installing Displacement Auger Piles throughout the UK.

Displacement Auger Piles have the benefit of both bored and driven piling systems. Lateral displacement of the ground during installation results in limited spoil removal and without the noise and vibration associated with driven piling makes our system ideal for urban contaminated brownfield sites.

Like the CFA system Displacement Auger Piles are installed with a hollow stem auger. When the auger penetrates the ground, soil is compacted and displaced laterally. This provides the added advantage of increased shaft friction on the completed piles. When the required depth is achieved the auger is extracted whilst pumping concrete through the hollow stem. Our on-board piling instrumentation system ensures a high standard of pile construction by monitoring all aspects of the installation process, and this has the additional environmental benefit of minimising the volume of concrete wastage.

Our system is ideally suited to granular soils and we can offer pile diameters of 300mm to 600mm and depths of up to 25m.

Advantages of displacement auger piles: –

  • Low noise and vibration
  • Minimal spoil arisings
  • Ideal for contaminated sites