Pile Design

Our in-house design team, with an accumulative 75 years of geotechnical experience, will undertake the geotechnical assessment of the ground conditions from site investigation reports and design the load bearing piles to achieve the required capacities.  They will look at both compliant and optimised piled solutions to ensure the most efficient and cost effective design is achieved. Secant and Contiguous embedded retaining walls are also designed in-house, in strict compliance with British Standards and Eurocodes.

Load bearing piles can be designed to cater for forces generated from a structure, or the construction of a structure, including: compression, tension, horizontal and moment loads, which can be designed in full compliance with the relevant codes of practice, including British Standards and Eurocodes, specifically EC2 & EC7.

Specialist analysis with programmes such as Wallap, Slope and ADPILE is undertaken on piles subject to bending moments or shear forces, to calculate reinforcement requirements. Settlement analysis is also undertaken on each compressive load case to ensure maximum deflection tolerances are not exceeded.