Retaining Walls

We construct Contiguous, Secant and Kingpost retaining walls for permanent and temporary applications. They provide an efficient means of ground retention and can also be designed to accommodate vertical compression loads.

As one of the UK’s leading piling contractors we have undertaken numerous bored piled wall schemes over the years using our Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) system. This is one of the quietest forms of piling and virtually vibration free, which means that retaining walls can be constructed in inner city sites where a driven sheet piled system could potentially prove problematic.

The type of retaining wall required will depend on soil type and water table level.

Contiguous piled retaining walls create a retaining wall to restrain the strata while excavations are carried out to form basements or to maximise the usable space on a site. Piles may form part of the permanent structure or be used solely for the temporary excavation stage. They can be designed as either free cantilever or propped.

Secant piled retaining walls consist of interlocking hard and firm piles. This approach is ideal for water bearing or granular strata to prevent the water entering the excavation or preventing granular material from falling from height during basement excavation.

We work closely with the client’s engineers at design stage to provide the most cost efficient and effective solution. Whether the wall is required to work as a cantilever or whether it must be propped or anchored are all integral to the overall scheme design.

The high load bearing capacity of a piled retaining wall enables cost effective designs for high rise buildings over basements where the footprint extends right to the site boundary.

Concrete guide walls are often required for installation of secant piled retaining walls. We can provide suitable guide wall installation to ensure correct wall alignment at capping beam level.