About Us

About Us PicGM Piling Ltd benefits from an experienced team that have successfully worked together for nearly 20 years.

Our proactive, forward thinking staff collectively have over 100 years experience in CFA, mini, displacement auger, bored pile walls including secant, contiguous & king post, rotary bored and geothermal piling.

With the support of our associated design and site investigation teams we are well placed to offer economic geotechnical solutions to meet our Client’s needs.






The specialist services that we can offer include:

  • comprehensive geotechnical design solutions
  • ground investigation service
  • pile mat design

From our experience and feedback from Clients we realise how important it is to minimise the thickness of temporary piling mats. With this in mind we have developed innovative design models that ensure the mat thickness is optimised for the given site conditions.

Reducing the required mat thickness is also assisted by the use of our unique piling rigs which incorporate out-riggers to greatly reduce bearing pressures when compared to other similar capacity machines.

We are committed to our Client’s needs and aspirations for their projects. As piling contractors our experience and knowledge of bored piling, together with our in-house design and site investigation services, means that you can always rely on our full geotechnical expertise to produce the most cost effective solution for your scheme.