Brandon Road, Islington

Sector: Commercial
Scope: 33 No. 300mm diameter and 178 No. 400mm diameter CFA piles and 57 No. cased CFA piles. The wall consisted of 116 No. hard and 116 No. firm 600mm diameter secant wall piles. 1 No. preliminary test pile and 2 No. working test piles
Duration: 8 weeks  Plant: Llamada P135
Strata: Made Ground over London Clay

This project encompassed many of the services offered by GM Piling including CFA, cased CFA and secant wall piling. GMP reduced the programme by one week on the secant wall and by three days on the cased CFA piling. The design required the secant wall deflection tolerances to be limited in order to satisfy third party requirements. The cased piles within the basement saved the client cost and programme as less steel and concrete was installed, and less pile cropping was required.