Cambridge International Airport

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles were required for the construction of the new service hanger at Cambridge International Airport. In the location of the new service hanger was previously a large mound of cohesive material. Due to the removal of this overburden, the ground was monitored to calculate the heave impact on the ground. Consequently, GMP designed the piles to resist this heave induced tension, meaning fifteen individual reinforcement cases, depending on pile location and pile loads, which were all successfully managed and installed by our site team.

529 No. CFA piles were installed to depths between 12.00m and 14.00m. All piles were founded in the stiff clay at depth. The ground conditions consisted of Fill material to 3.00m(bgl), West Melbury Formation between 3.00m & 9.00m(bgl) and Gault Clay thereafter. Two rigs, to install the CFA piles, a crane, to aid the steel fixers with fabrication and installation of the reinforcement, and the GMP team were all on site to ensure that the competitive programme was met. Communication between GMP, concrete and steel suppliers, site engineers and the Contractor was paramount in making the piling works a success.