High Street, Brentford

Sector: Residential
Scope: 428 No. 350mm, 573 No. 400mm, 202 No. 450mm and 24 No. 600mm diameter CFA piles and 47 No. 600mm diameter crane base piles.
Building piles | Crane base piles | Temporarily cased piles | Permanently cased piles

Duration: 26 weeks  Plant: Llamada P135
Strata: Made Ground over Sand/Gravel over London Clay

This project was undertaken alongside one of GMP’s long-term clients. The piling works were complex by way of ground conditions and intricacies with existing on-site services. GMP aided the Developer with the production of a piling execution plan which ensured nearby 3rd party assets (sewers and river walls) were not affected by pile installation – this included the use of permanently cased CFA piles to a depth of 6m. In addition, some pile positions were located directly on a redundant sewer network. For this situation, GMP proposed the use of foam concrete to fill the redundant sewer network, followed by a shell and auger CFA technique, which resulted in maintained stability for the auger during drilling. This ensured there was no damage to piling equipment and to establish positional tolerance of the CFA piles.