Willoughby Lane, Edmonton

Sector: Residential
Scope: 298 No. 350mm, 384 No. 400mm and 88 No. 600mm diameter CFA piles. The design also required 8 No. working test piles
Duration: 10 weeks
Plant: Llamada P135, Llamada P140 & Llamada P105

Strata: Made Ground over Kempton Park Gravel over London Clay over cohesive Lambeth Group over Cohesionless Lambeth Group/ Thanet Sand

GMP were engaged to complete this technically complex project requiring 3 piling rigs. The Llamada P135 utilised it’s cased capabilities to core through an existing brick gas holder and a concrete slab to maintain pile verticality prior to casting the CFA piles. The two other rigs were mobilised to install the non-obstructed pile positions.